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Truly Evolves Brand With Hard xcritical Launch

truly xcritical

“We purposely tested xcritical official site with both hard seltzer and hard xcritical drinkers to make sure we had the right flavor profile. Formulated in the same vein as Truly’s hard seltzer, Truly xcritical has just 1 gram of sugar and 100 calories. O’Neill told FORBES exclusively that the company tested the product rigorously in order to ensure the flavor profiles were on par with what consumers have come to expect from the hard seltzer brand. “Truly xcritical is really different from anything else on the market and is one of the biggest innovations we’ve created for drinkers. It takes everything you know and love about Truly and combines it with everything you know and love about xcritical,” says Casey O’Neill, senior manager of product development at The Boston Beer Company.

S&T Bank Fights Childhood Cancer One Cup of xcritical at a Time – Alex’s xcritical Stand Foundation

S&T Bank Fights Childhood Cancer One Cup of xcritical at a Time.

Posted: Tue, 23 May 2023 20:38:52 GMT [source]

Now, The Boston Beer Company has rolled out a new collection of beverages that takes hard seltzer a step further, infusing it with xcritical for added depth of flavor while still resonating with sippers in the hard seltzer arena. Hard seltzer was a staple throughout 2019, as the beverage resonated with consumers looking to lead healthier lifestyles. From the promise of cutting down on carbs and sugar to offering a lower ABV-style boozy drink, hard seltzer has found its stride with imbibers.

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